Organization establishment – 2003

Established in 2003, IN Chicago has developed into a thriving network and an invaluable resource for its members. Overtime, the focus has evolved to become “a business and social network of Irish, or those with a strong affinity to Ireland, living and working in the Chicago area.” IN Chicago has established itself as a leading organization for business and social networking for the Irish diaspora in the Chicago area.

Addition of umbrella organization Irish Network USA (IN USA) – 2010

Established in 2010, the national umbrella organization integrates the Irish Networks that exist in various cities across the US. “IN USA helps Irish and Irish-American professionals across the US to connect with their peers and to develop relationships that will foster success in their business, economic and social ventures.” The mission is “to bolster opportunities and economic development between the US and Ireland; to support and encourage Irish Arts and Culture through film, literature, theater, dance and language; to encourage and promote the mission and expansion of Irish sports, throughout the US; to support the efforts of local Irish organizations and associations; to serve as a conduit between newly arrived Irish immigrants and their communities in Member cities and states.” IN USA Conferences held annually bring members together nationwide.

Ferdia Doherty, Ambassador Anne Anderson, Steve Lenox, Rachel McCormac, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Seamus Byrne at The Drake, 2017.

Launch of IN Chicago Advisory Board (INCAB) – 2018

Established in 2018, INCAB is tasked with developing a strategic vision to ensure the sustained success, momentum and growth of IN Chicago for the next decade and beyond. This is accomplished by reviewing IN Chicago’s mission, activities, status and plans and providing guidance and recommendations to the Executive Committee for implementation.

Ferdia Doherty and Seamus Byrne at the inaugural INCAB meeting.
Helen Garrahy, Ferdia Doherty, Seamus Byrne, Katie Fitzpatrick, Consul General Brian O’Brien, Imelda Gallagher and James Sheehan at the 2019 Ball.

Creation of IN Spirit Award – 2019

The IN Spirit Award demonstrates our profound gratitude for an individual’s incredible service to the Irish community and is presented at our Annual Ball each February.

2019 – Bill Gainer, Galway/Chicago Sister City and Cork/Cook County Partnership

2020 – Dan O’Donnell, Armitage Hardware

2022 – Cliff Carlson, Irish American News